Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hollywood Bound?

The network has been down on and off at work today, rendering it impossible for me to actually achieve anything as my job function is primarily web-based.  This has allowed me the luxury of being able to write a quick blog entry during working hours, although I won't be able to post until the network is back up and fully functioning so as you read, this could be days old…

YD has been very much in demand for auditions of late and has secured a part in an advert being filmed this week.  We've all been very excited by this development as the client is a very (and I mean very) high profile company.  The costume she's been given for the shoot is absolutely dreadful and I don't even want to think about what they'll do to her hair, but the money she is earning is extortionate for the hours she is allowed to work, so I'm not complaining, as it all goes into her university fund.  However, when the contract finally came through yesterday, I was more a little gutted to note that the advert is not being aired in the UK, only in North America, so unless someone puts a copy on YouTube, we won't get to see it.   I suppose on the plus-side, some eagle eyed talent scout could 'spot' her and we could all be whisked away from our boring, hum-drum lives to the glamorous world of Hollywood….

Yeah, OK, dream on!

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