Thursday, 8 March 2012

Why Can't People Just Do What They're Asked To?

There seems to be an epidemic surrounding me of people who just won't do what they're supposed to do.  It's not just at home, not just at work, but everywhere.  

There are children that won't tidy their rooms, or do their homework and teachers who won't change things they're asked to.  There are Employment Agencies who won't administer payroll correctly and other Agencies who won't answer queries or send out new contracts.  There are work colleagues who won't read and respond to email, or complete a clearly laid out task, or turn up for meetings, or carry on a technical conversation without going off on a tangent and managers who won't sign things off.  There are other colleagues who just won't do anything you ask them to do at all!  There are cats that won't come inside when they're called.  There is an ex-husband who refuses to pay child support and an ineffective Government who won't take action to make him.  There are prople who won't clear the coffee table of rubbish, bowls, cups and dirty tissues before they go to bed.  There is a sewing machine that won't work.  There are neighbours who won't move their van.  There are medical professionals who refuse to take responsibility for DH's ongoing care now that we have moved.  At home, nobody will change the toilet roll or empty the bin in the bathroom.  There are teenagers who won't look for a job, or load the dishwasher, or tidy up after themselves and husbands who forget to post letters.  There are repair engineers who don't turn up and delivery drivers who won't leave the packages where the instructions on the form tell them to.  There are people who won't flush the toilet or scrub out the bowl when it's dirty.  There are friends who won't answer texts.  There is a payroll department that won't send the requested information to the Tax Office so that a rebate can be issued.  There are shop assistants who won't read your Tesco order properly so send you the wrong items – or substitute where you didn't want them to.  There are sellers on eBay that post the wrong items, then can't remember who they posted your item(s) to.  There is someone who won't get around to disposing of the furniture and boxes (from their flat) that are cluttering up my house and someone else who has taken over my conservatory with their art resources and moans about clearing the table so we can eat.  

Every single on of these things adds to my daily stress.  Maybe I'm too demanding.  Or maybe you should JUST DO IT!


  1. Gini, I feel your pain. Just wish I could do something to help. There is a link I'll send you on FB xx
    Joy xx
    (that is if I can get past the wretched word verification aaaarrrggghh)

  2. I feel for you Gini as I have been present on many occassions when you have asked your siblings to do something. Its as if you where asking them to jump off a cliff. Lol. Hope it gets better for you xxxxx